#iumienwomenmoversandshakers: Dr. Kami Saechao

What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership? Our society has a hard time accepting women in leadership roles due to unfamiliarity. We seem to get scared with unfamiliar situations and having women in the leadership roles makes some of us uncomfortable. What is one event that helped shape your life? One major event that has shaped my life was when my parents decided to move our family to Thailand when I was just 10 years old. Having this rare opportunity to live amongst our people in Thailand for 7 years allowed me to see how simple but happy our people lived. This big move also allowed me to see how my parents and grandparents grew up and it made me appreciate them so much more. I am extremely grateful for my parents and grandparents who sacrificed so much for me and my siblings, giving us a better life with endless opportunities here in America.Overall, this big move to Thailand has taught me to a lot about sacrifice, self discipline, to work harder than my neighbor, be humble, never settle for less, be brave and go for the highest opportunity possible. These experiences truly guided me throughout my academic career and allowed me to reach the highest level I thought was never possible.  Since my family's move to Thailand, I've seen more of our people in America head back to the motherland and this truly warms my heart. What’s one of the toughest decisions you’ve had to make and how did it impact your life? The toughest decision I've had to make was when I decided not to go to medical school. Since I was young I thought I wanted to be a Pediatrician, that all changed when I discovered Chiropractic. My decision to go to an alternative medicine route, where sometimes can be misunderstood, was because I found a profession that truly aligned with what I believe in, a more natural and holistic approach when it comes to healthcare. Chiropractic uses nonsurgical methods of treatment and do not prescribe drugs, it's a more conservative and non-invasive approach to treat musculoskeletal issues. What is an accomplishment you are proud of? My biggest accomplishment is becoming a proud first generation college graduate and the first in my family to become a Doctor (of Chiropractic). I am extremely proud with the career I've chosen and feel even more proud to be able to help my patients achieve the relief they need and deserve, to allow them the freedom to live without pain If there was a young girl out there who wanted to do what you did, what would you tell her? Never stop. Keep your goal very clear and right in front of you. Plan your next move so it's an easy transition, you'll be so thankful you took that bit of time to plan. Do your own research, learn for yourself, take risks and most importantly do it for you. How can people get a hold of you? i.e., social media, phone number.Social media (Instagram) or for Chiropractic services contact my clinic (209) 358-6464 Atwater Chiropractic Inc. 

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